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Great North Woods Webpage Design
Terms of Service

We, Us, and Our refers to Great North Woods Webpage Design. You and Your refers to the person or business requesting Great North Woods Webpage Design to construct a webpage for said person or business.

Great North Woods Webpage Design is in business to supply people & businesses alike with affordable professional webpages. We are not an Internet Service Provider, and do not do any web hosting. However, in an effort to make things easier for our clients, we can provide you with web site space and hosting through another company if you do not already have an existing Internet Service Provider. The following paragraphs are the Terms of Service which you must understand and agree to when requesting any of our services:

Once you decide to have us construct your web pages at the estimate supplied to you, we will begin designing and constructing your website. Once approximately half of the website has been completed, we require 50% of the estimated cost to be paid, in the form of cashier's check, money order, or personal check. Upon completion of the website, the remaining balance must be paid, whether above or below the original estimate.

We will not be responsible for any misrepresentation of you or your business on any web page which we design. When we have completed your web pages, you will be asked to review and approve all content which we have placed in it, making sure all the information is correct.

If you would like, we can also mail you a hard copy of the website on a floppy disk, for no additional charge.

If a check received from you for payment has insufficient funds, the construction of your web pages will cease until the payment has been sent to us and cleared successfully.

Any web pages made by us must have an image link back to We will have a selection of possible images which you can choose from. In certain circumstances, such as commercial sites, a text image may be allowed in place of an image. This is to be decided at our discretion.