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Great North Woods Webpage Design
Rates & Services

Basic Design Package $179
Allows up to 3 web pages** for your web site, 2 scanned photographs, 2 other images*, and all text.

Advanced Design Package $279
Allows up to 4 web pages** for your web site, 4 scanned photographs, 6 other images*, OnMouseOver effect for links, and all text.

Additional Web Pages** $69 each

Additional Images* (not scanned) $5 each

Additional Scanned Images $10 each

OnMouseOver Effect for Links $20
By having this option, when a person goes to your web page and places their mouse pointer over an image that is a link, the image will change to another color. Looks very professional. (Note: This is included in the Advanced Design Package)

Search Engine Submission - $69 per URL
The submission of your website to any relevant search engines. There are over 400 search engines and directories to choose from including AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, MSN, Webcrawler, and many more.

Web Page Updating $30/hr - $10 minimum
This service is for the updating of any text-based information displayed on your web page.

All other Web Page Services $30/hr - $10 minimum

Feel free to compare these prices to anyone else's on the web. You can then request our services and you will receive a prompt reply including an estimate of when the project can be finished. If you have any further questions, feel free to direct them to

Rates are subject to change.

*Images which are created on the computer which are computer generated and not from existing photographs.
**Pages are not to exceed 3 screens of content under 800x600 resolution. Any page exceeding 3 screens will be charged an additional $69 for every 3 screens of additional content. (Most Pages do not exceed 3 screens of content)
Additional Images required for the OnMouseOver effect are not included in the price. The price covers the script required for the effect. All additional images required are $5 each.